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FOX News
Dec 24, 2011 3:00am PST
in parts of new mexico, colorado, california, and texas. and not good news for the millions people who will be hitting the roads to spend christmas with loved ones. as for air travel, well, there are in delays reported right new. right now. but, it is still early obviously and that could change. i will monitor american airlines today. after coming under fire the re-election campaign of president obama is saying "thanks, but no thanks," to jon corzine's, cash facing criticism the minute from the former new jersey governor was tainted by his firm, and the mf global collapse so obama for america and the dnc have reindependenced the money, $70,000, to corzine and his wife. the justice department rejected south carolina's new voter i.d. law requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls. the feds say that makes it harder for minorities to vote. south carolina can challenge the decision or pass a new law. the attorney general vowing to fight this one. >> the 15-year-old girl who survived being swept away in the tsunami in indonesia has tracked down her parents and telling a very,
FOX News
Dec 10, 2011 3:00am PST
shower along the southeast florida coast and into texas. as you wake up it is cold toward the north at seven degrees in minneapolis so there is cold air out there. and cold front moving across the east but most of the showers offshore and across rhode island and cape cod and the lakes, bringing the winds over that and the colder air bringing the snow. but across the coastal areas we will see showers for the morning and the front will drift toward the east so we will see more showers around florida and the tail end of this around they next but anything to the north of that is looking absolutely beautiful today. no real problems. the high temperatures, 20's around the great lakes and 50's in texas and 70's around florida and tomorrow looking like the same. a repeat of this but cool. and dry in general. >>clayton: and now politics because tonight, this could be, perhaps, the biggest debate so for in the g.o.p. primary. because it is taking place in des moines. it is cohosted by abc and the des moines register but all eyes on what happens. hintsman is not part of it, because he is not p
FOX News
Dec 3, 2011 3:00am PST
as long as that is there it will remain unsettled. right now we have rain. snow across the texas panhandle and into kansas and solid rain across eastern kansas and toward mississippi and it will cross over into snow. and we have winter weather advisories with the pink that is a warning, and watches, and stretching out across the plains to the east. and it will be all rain and it will be a lot this will cause flooding concerns but texas will get rain and that will be good news. >>dave: thanks, rick. great job yesterday. a big day in politics because we could narrow the g.o.p. field a bit because herman cain making a big announcement today about the future of his campaign. is it a big announcement if he says "i'm still in," or only big if you are out? >>clayton: a lost sources say the cain campaign is leaning toward suspending the campaign. listen to herman himself describe what he will do today. take a listen. >> tomorrow in atlanta, i will be making an announcement. but nobody is going to get me to make that prematurely. that is all there is. tomorrow we will be opening our headquarters in
FOX News
Dec 17, 2011 3:00am PST
to find a job. how you can help our heroes find a job. >>alisyn: it pays to get pulled over in texas. รบ daddy, come in the water! somebody didn't book with travelocity, with 24/7 customer support to help move them to theool daddy promised! look at me, i'm swimming! somebody, get her a pony! [ female announcer ] the travelocity guarantee. from the price to the room to the trip you'll never roam alone. >>dave: florida millionaire bob ward is trading in his mansion for a jail cell. the former real estate mogul sentenced to 30 years in prison for murdering his wife. he claims he shot her by accident. while trying to stop her from shooting herself. but a jury not bying it. and usually getting pulled over is a bad thing but not if you are in texas, police there now pulling over good drivers and giving them $10 gift cards instead of traffic tickets. the money coming from donations to the police department. but clayton, you still have to go through the horror of seeing the lights and wondering why you got pulled over. >>clayton: never experienced that. flawless record here. a tough economy for
FOX News
Dec 31, 2011 3:00am PST
the weekend off. you think about it, the caucuses are on tuesday, and he decided, i will fly home to texas. >> he watched our show yesterday morning and we had the doctor on that said new year's resolutions, spend more time with family and friends. he is taking advice from our doctor. >>clayton: he has always run an unconventional campaign and this is part of the unconventional approach, rather than doing a bus tour and going to coffee stops i will take the weekend off. >> it has been so fluid. three week and even two weeks ago, gingrich was at the top. >>clayton: and romney has not spent a lot of time in iowa almost avoiding the state and now pulling out all the stops bringing in new jersey governor chris christie who is very popular and he did new jersey-style sopranos talking to get folks to the polls. >> i love being with mitt but let me tell you people disappoint me on tuesday ... you don't do what you are supposed to do on tuesday for mitt romney i will be back, jersey-style, people. i will be back! >> he is known for his sound bites. >> he will bring snooki back. or "the situation,"
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)